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The cruise industry is entering a new era of onboard experiences and connectivity needs to work just as well at sea as it does on land.

Neuron provides unparalleled visibility and control over your connectivity operations, end-to-end, to ensure reliable, always-on connectivity as your ships move around the world. Now, you can focus on driving new innovations with VR, IoT and more to surpass guest expectations, reimagine onboard entertainment, improve crew experiences, reach sustainability goals and more.


QoE Measurement

Benchmark and monitor Quality of Experience across your fleet to optimize revenue and make sure your Wi-Fi offerings meet guest expectations.

Connectivity Insights

Monitor data such as page load times, packet loss, latency and more to quickly identify and resolve potential network performance issues.

AI-Powered Network Management

Dynamically route applications over the right network at the right time to save time and improve digital experiences without compromising quality.

Multi-Vendor Management

Integrate multiple services into one pipe of bandwidth to ensure full coverage and reliability as your ships move.

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