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Cutting-edge tech like AI, IoT and VR are transforming shipping operations and supply chains, but reliable, cost-effective connectivity at sea is a significant challenge.

Neuron provides unparalleled visibility into your connectivity operations, including data on network performance and bandwidth usage. Armed with these insights, you can make smarter decisions, maximize resources and guarantee your people have the connectivity needed to power innovation, seamless ship-to-shore communications, telehealth, safety, incident response, sustainability initiatives and so much more.


Connectivity Insights

Get insights based on location and time to make better operational decisions, as well as identify and resolve issues faster.

Bandwidth and Cost Metrics

Measure and monitor bandwidth usage to optimize consumption and costs.

Multi-Vendor Reporting

Bring all of your connectivity data across multiple providers and systems to get a complete view of your operations in one place.

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AI-Powered Network Management

Dynamically route applications over the right network at the right time to save time and improve performance without compromising quality.

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