Neuron helps you make data-driven decisions to improve your connectivity operations and digital experiences. It unifies your connectivity data across multiple providers and systems to provide real-time views of your network performance and quality of experience. Neuron includes a lightweight, low-bandwidth probe that keeps a pulse on your network performance, every second, and can be deployed on hundreds of sites overnight.



Network Performance Dashboards

Get critical network performance insights to better understand and make informed decisions about your connectivity operations.

Streaming Score Measurement

Benchmark and monitor connectivity across your fleet to ensure your digital experiences meet passenger’s expectations.

Location, Time and Context Awareness

Network performance data is broken down by factors such as time of day, day of week, location, elevation and more.

Grid helps you save time and increase efficiencies by using AI to automate and optimize traffic routing, consumption and network performance optimization – no need for manual policies or interventions. It includes tools to integrate multiple providers and systems in one place. It then consolidates those services into a single pipe of bandwidth and dynamically routes applications over the right service at the right time for the best performance, while also managing your cost constraints.


AI-Powered Traffic Routing

Dynamically route applications over the right network at the right time to save time and improve digital experiences without compromising quality.

Multi-Vendor Integrations

Integrate multiple services into one pipe of bandwidth to ensure full coverage and reliability as your fleets move.

Bandwidth Optimization

Optimize bandwidth usage to ensure a high-quality of experience across browsing, streaming, collaboration and more.

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