From ESpace Networks to Neuron: An Update from our Founder and CEO Benny Retnamony

December 5, 2023

Today marks an exciting milestone on our mission to transform connectivity for things that move and make digital experiences better for the people they serve. After careful consideration and with an eye toward the future, we are proud to unveil our new company name: Neuron.

Taking a step back to 2019, I recall my co-founder, Bill Vaughn, and I meeting for lunch to discuss a challenge we’d seen bubbling up in the cruise and aviation industries: Connectivity business models and technologies weren’t designed for things that move. Companies with connected fleets have relied on a band-aid approach to network management, trying to balance very difficult cost, performance and revenue tradeoffs – and, as we discuss more in this post, we were seeing the early stages of an inflection point with a few major shifts: 1) Business leaders want data and insights to manage their operations, but connectivity is a black box; 2) People want to be seamlessly connected, everywhere, all the time; and 3) The industry is excited about LEO, but the technology is still evolving.

Companies that operate things that move, including ships, planes and trains, needed a better way to monitor and manage their connectivity – now and into the future.

That day, with a plan mapped out on our Chipotle napkins, ESpace Networks was born. Since, we launched Neuron, which provides companies with a 360-degree view of their connectivity and digital operations, and Grid, our AI-powered network management solution.

As one of our flagship products, Neuron has become the fabric of our company over the last three years. It is the business intelligence layer of our platform, weaving through every facet of our technology to collect, consolidate and surface the critical data and actionable intelligence our customers need to transform their end-user quality of experience. This year, as we’ve advanced our mission and come out of stealth mode, it’s become clear that Neuron IS our platform. It’s at the center of everything we do. Moving forward, our name and brand will reflect that.

From ESpace Networks to Neuron and beyond, it has been a pivotal year for our company. We’ve led successful deployments with world-leading companies in the airline and cruise industries, including Carnival Corporation. We kicked off new projects with customers and partners, and began expanding into new markets including shipping, rail, energy and more. We completed our Series A funding led by Columbia Capital, which has supported new product development, the expansion of our global team, and new offices in South Florida, India and the UK. We also rolled out our Customer Service Desk offering to support a broader range of customer needs.

And we’re just getting started.

Looking ahead, we believe multi-vendor satellite networks and digitally transponded capacity will unlock new applications and digital experiences. As the industry becomes more open and diversified, there will never be a better time for companies to embrace new satellite technologies, along with a mix of other connectivity solutions. At the same time, companies that operate connected fleets are poised to deliver new and innovative digital experiences that will rely on more agile connectivity than ever. In this new era, we believe the Neuron platform will become the center of our customer’s connectivity and digital experience initiatives.

As we enter our next phase of growth, I would like to thank the Neuron team and our customers, both of whom inspire me everyday. I look forward to the incredible journey ahead.

Benny Retnamony, founder & CEO, Neuron

To learn more about how Neuron is transforming connectivity and digital experience transformation for things that move, read our latest blog post here.

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